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Living Graciously – Letter #1

A Year of Living Graciously
Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience.”
We live in a “I want it now,” “drive-thru,” “next-day delivery” society. A sprinkle of these things now and then probably doesnot hurt, but in this next year, I am inviting you to pause and be deliberate about living graciously.
Gracious living is characterized by elegance and good taste, being merciful and compassionate. Living graciously begins by seeing all of life as a gift from God, and sharing that gift with passion. Living graciously simply means living out of God’s grace and being good stewards in working for the common good.
This year, I ask that each of us examine deeply and honestly three ways that we may continue to live gracious lives.
What are you passionate about?
How are you able to use that passion to excite and empower Central Church?
Are you willing to share your financial resources so that the passion and ministry of Central Church may be accomplished?
As we enter into this time of mindful giving and recommit ourselves to the important ministry Central Church shares, let us be aware of our past and celebrate the saints who went before us. Let us be attentive to the work that has brought us to where we are today and let us be empowered to share a future full of compassion, awareness, and gracious living.
In a few weeks, you will be given the opportunity to pledge your commitment to Central Church. To accomplish the great work of Central Church this year we need a total of $725,000. In this, we ask that you consider your own gift to Central Church. If you are currently giving, we also encourage you to consider an increased commitment.
In Christ,
Rev. Scott Ritchey
Commitment Card

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