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Living Graciously – Letter #2

In this year of Living Graciously, we enter a time of mindful giving, aware of our past and of the saints who have gone before us. We are attentive to the work that has brought us here today; a community empowered to share a future filled with compassion, awareness and gratitude.

Central Church continues its commitment to live authentically; exploring, discovering, uncovering and celebrating our lives together as a faith community.

By living with purpose, intention and gratitude for all that we have, and all that we are, we gain a clear attention and focus on what is truly important and valuable in our lives. Through our commitment, we develop a deeper relationship with one another and a desire to extend that love beyond our self-constructed boundaries.

In order for all of us to be attentive, fully engaged and empowered in mindful giving, we must share with this community our passion, our experience and our financial gifts.
We will be given the opportunity to pledge our commitment to Central Church on Sunday, November 13, during any of our unique worship services. To sustain the great work of Central Church, a total of $725,000 in pledged commitments are essential. If you are currently giving, we thank you, and we encourage you to consider an increased commitment. If you previously have not made a pledge commitment to Central Church, please know that your financial gifts are vital to our continued ministries.
In Christ, peace,
Rev. Scott Ritchey
Commitment Card

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