Prayer Gathering - Central Church has a strong prayer team who meets on Tuesdays at 12:00 pm in the Library. This team believes that it is a honor to pray for those who request prayer.  

Email Prayer Chain - Central Church has a weekly prayer chain with prayer concerns and updates of the previous prayer requests.

Prayer Request

Visitation Team

The visitation team helps the church keep in contact with our home bound, and those who are in the hospital or care facility. 

Twyla Thompson

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Helen Clark

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Funeral and Memorial Services

The pastors, staff, prayer teams and the congregation extend our deepest sympathy to anyone who lost a loved one. All wish to offer their services to you in your time of special need.
The Central Church Funeral Coordinator is available to discuss your wishes for a service and assist you in selecting hymns and liturgy to create a fitting tribute and remembrance for your loved one.
The Central Church Funeral Coordinator will also contact the minister to schedule counseling sessions should you wish them. We will also assist in planning a memorial bulletin and reception if desired.

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Norma Heubach

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