Mission Statement

Sharing God’s love and grace with all, inspired by ministry, mission, and music.

Vision Statement

The Vision of Central Church is to welcome all people into an inclusive community of faith expressing the love of God and Jesus Christ. We carry out our faith both as individuals and as a church, seeking to connect with those in need of love, care, and justice. We work as a congregation and as a partner locally and worldwide to put into action the teachings of Jesus Christ.

  • Ministry – Develop diverse and creative approaches to help people build relationships with God through Scripture, tradition, experience, and reason. We will strive to provide services, activities, and projects as we share the love and grace of Jesus Christ.
  • Mission – Create a connection between ministry and mission which broadens understanding of local and worldwide community needs and concerns. We will respond compassionately, creatively, and decisively to address physical, spiritual, and justice issues.
  • Music – Embrace music as an integral part of worship and congregational life and as a way to connect to the community. Within the community of faith, music is intentionally planned to inspire, educate, unify, and praise. We will continue to establish relationships with music and arts organizations to enhance education and performance opportunities and support the culture of our local community.