The organized unit of UNITED METHODIST WOMEN shall be a community of women whose PURPOSE is to know GOD and to experience freedom as whole persons through JESUS CHRIST to develop a creative, supportive fellowship; and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church.
Joining this group of committed women is a unique opportunity - no matter who you are or where in your life you are at this moment - to move in harmony with other women who have been responding to this Purpose for over one hundred years


Central Church has two active circles that all women are cordially invited to join The United Methodist Women.

Esther Circle meets in the Church Parlor the SECOND Thursday of the months January through May and September through December. We have refreshments, programs, speakers, and take tours. For more information about this circle please contact Meryl Ahart.

Lydia Circle meets in the Church Parlor the SECOND Monday of the months of January through May and September through December. This circle is for working women and women who enjoy a meal with the program. We have good conversation with supper, followed by programs or speakers. For more information about this circle please contact Marilyn Seese.

Church Women United In Phoenix

Church Women United is a racially, culturally, theologically inclusive Christian women’s movement, celebrating unity in diversity and working for a world of peace and justice. Founded in 1941, Church Women United is: a movement representing Protestant, Roman Catholic, Orthodox and other Christian women; biblically based, shared Christian faith; organized into more than 1,200 local and state units working for peace and justice in the United States and Puerto Rico; supported by constituents in state and local units and denominational women’s organizations; impassioned by the Holy Spirit to act on behalf of women and children throughout the world; and recognized as a non-governmental organization by the United Nations.

Summer Gatherings

Meeting monthly during the summer (June-Aug) at various locations for food, fun and fellowship. Coordinators: Meryl Ahart and Marilyn Seese

Other Projects

The April Bakeless Bake Sale, the October Red Sock Party and the December Holiday Bake Sale are the three annual money-raising projects. They help us meet our Central East District UMW pledge for missions of $6,000. Our total local pledge to missions for 2014 is $10,200.


In the early days of Methodism women were limited in what they were allowed to participate in as members of the church. As churches were built and staffed, much of the promotion and funds to support mission locally and overseas were instigated by women. As they gathered together to cook, sew, knit or quilt they organized The Ladies Aid Society. In 1872 a group formed at Central United Methodist Church which was later named The Wesleyan Service Guild; then in 1940 it became The Women's Society of Christian Service; with the merging of the United Brethren and the Methodist Churches in 1968 they became The United Methodist Women.

"The achievements through the years have not been just in administration of the work, raising vast sums of money or the lives salvaged, children educated, sick cared for, or communities uplifted. Through this organization, hundreds of thousands of women have had the opportunity to develop and enlarge their own lives and at the same time engage in Christian humanitarian service..."