Urban Abbey

Inspired by Ministry and Mission: In enjoying the richness of our archives we know that Central Church began in the Phoenix Settlement with no permanent home. Meetings and worship were held under mesquite trees, ranch homes, courtrooms and any other respectable space they could find. The need for a space was apparent and fulfilled by hours of labor and love by its members; the first church building of any religious denomination to be constructed in Phoenix.

Sharing God’s love and Grace with all: Central Church is a perfect example of longevity and sustainability with strong devotion to our community.  At our core we are a place to worship with sacred music, fosters of healthy connectivity in the arts and serving our community with grace.  And the best part is that we are an amazingly green church!  As the oldest Protestant church in Phoenix, our overhead is low.  A church that is dark or one that is not being fully utilized is not green.

Inspired by Music:  Having deep roots in worship, the arts, and education Central Church continues to open its doors to enliven hallowed spaces within our beautiful grounds.  As an abbey is known as the mother of her community, we will to continue to nurture our relationship with our neighbors with sustainable traditions.

We are Central Church and we do have a space for all!