Kevin Gorman

Dr. Kevin Gorman has served as the instructor of saxophone at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and several schools in the Phoenix Metro area, including Grand Canyon University and Southwestern College.  Holding a Doctorate of Musical Arts from Arizona State University and a Masters of Music degree in saxophone performance from Northwestern University; Dr. Gorman has also earned a Master of Arts degree in music history and literature and a Bachelor of Music degree in saxophone performance from ASU, where he has also served as a faculty associate in saxophone and chamber music.  In addition to being an accomplished student, performer and instructor of the musical arts; Dr. Gorman graces us with his service as the Administrative Assistant to our Minister of Worship, The Arts & Business Administration.  Dr. Gorman’s expansive association with prestigious symphonies and orchestras creates a beautiful opportunity for fostering relationships within our local talent communities.  He is your contact for musical and artistic arrangements within our sacred spaces as well as any formation which utilizes our other less formal areas.